Hello Internet


Hi. I’ve wanted a blog for years but procrastination has delayed this thing from being a thing for a long time. I think more than anything, this is an online journal, where I can put my thoughts, ideas, projects and art (highbrow? definitely some lowbrow) into the open and maybe some other people will enjoy it, too. Putting things into the open is pretty hard for me to do sometimes, and probably had a lot to do with my procrastination on setting up my blog. At this point I’m not 100% happy with the blog and plan on tweaking it some more, but since it’s here, and I’m here, I figure now is a good time to start using it, even if it isn’t perfect. And waiting for things to be perfect has also been a procrastination factor for me. I feel good that I’ve recently had the motivation to put this thing into thingdom.



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