Dream Journal: Dog Imposter

One morning last week my dog pooped on the living room carpet and then vomited on my bed while I was taking a shower. I found the poop right away, but I only saw a few suspect barf particles on my comforter until evening, when I found the real barf spot under the comforter, on my blanket. In comparison, it wasn’t as bad as previous barfs that seem to always always ALWAYS happen on or in my bed.

So that night, after I had washed and dried my blanket and remade my bed and went to sleep, I had a dream about my dog. But in my dream, my dog was a black and grey pug named Bob. I was going along with this, and all of a sudden I realize, wait, I have a pug named Bob. And in real life which was also included in the dream, my friend Amy has a black pug named Bob. I thought “Haha, we both have a pug named Bob! And I copied her! Haha that’s funny.”

Then I was holding my dog Bob and scratched under his chin and then looked under his chin and he had dried vomit on his chin so I decided to give him a bath.

Then I woke up, and realized I do not have a pug named Bob, I have a sneaky little spider dog named Mosey who has recently taken to secret indoor pooping and has always been a bed vomiter.



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