These are some doodles I’ve done at work (during breaks of course). Most of them are from several years ago. After I had been at my current company for a while, my friend Tyler and I started doing post-it doodle exchanges. Most of the time we would come up with some kind of topic, and then we would both draw, and then exchange the results. Recently Tyler was cleaning his desk and came across some of my doodles so I borrowed them for a bit just so I could take pictures of them, because I really liked some of them, as silly as they may be.

doodle owl on a tree branch at night

An owl sitting on a branch at night. I used to draw this all the time when I was a little kid, an owl sitting on a branch of a tree that had a hole in the trunk with a creature peeking out of it.

doodle crocpenguin, a penguin riding a crocodile, preferably into battle with a common enemy

A penguin riding a crocodile, preferably into battle with a common enemy.

doodle stacheman, a man made almost entirely of mustache finds some books growing on a stalk, hipster stuff

A man mad almost entirely of mustache, who finds some books to read growing out of a stalk. Undoubtedly he is a god among hipsters.

doodle phillip & ferguson siamese dog twins which one is which

Phillip & Ferguson, the lovable siamese dog twins. I picture them as yellow labs, which is nice because the drawing is on a yellow post-it. They are generally very good-natured.

doodle angry bee denim a bee wearing pants

Angry Bee Denim was founded by an actual angry bee. It’s a brand for the “angsty cool kids” because he is angry he had to stuff his stinger in some pants, but nobody made him. He rages against himself unknowingly while blaming the system.

doodle bitch mower industrial farm like equipment for turning bitches into smaller pieces

The bitch-mower is an industrial farm-like piece of equipment for turning bitches into smaller pieces. I don’t really believe in using the word ‘bitch’ anymore in reference to women because it doesn’t benefit us. But I still think this doodle is funny.

doodle my friend tyler as a bird, bird body with a guy head, in old mill bend oregon

My friend Tyler as a bird, a bird body with a guy head, in Old Mill Bend, Oregon. If you know him you know this hair is legit.

doodle dusty rodriguez a bowlegged sharpshooter from the wild west

Dusty Rodriguez is a bowlegged Mexican-American sharpshooter from the wild west era.

doodle grizzly adams did have a beard

Grizzly Adams did have a beard. And maybe he also did look like a dark-haired Kenny Rogers.

doodle dont worry about stupid shit from stupid shitheads

These ones are more recent. I’ve been dealing with depression this past year and recently started getting my energy back due to a change in regimen. Which was awesome, except I was having a hard time channeling my energy productively, and I was getting angry at a lot of stuff & people, all things I couldn’t control. I asked my friend for some advice and then I made a tiny little paper reminder out of it which was helpful. Time also helped.

doodle on the books

My coworkers and I were in a phone-meeting with one of our industry partners reps, and he kept talking about getting something “on the books”. It was distracting.

doodle things to be thankful for, puppy, tacos lunch, energy

This was the same or similar type of day day as the doodle about channelling my energy & not worrying about other people’s shit. Things to be thankful for. My dog, she always makes me smile. Lunch. Some people don’t have lunch. Energy! I lost it, and now I have it again.