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There are a lot of people in my life who have influenced me, motivated me, and befriended me, and this pages purpose is to recognize those people and send you to their blogs/regularly updated sites, if they have one.


  • Toothpaste For Dinner
    Sometimes I don’t really understand some of the comics, but more often they make me laugh my ass off. Absurdity, irony and creative humor are easy to find here.
  • The Oatmeal
    Several years ago, Matthew Inman came to town to speak at an AdFed lunch, and since I had been a fan for a while, I jumped at the chance to go. He stuck around town to hang out with his friend, a coworker of mine, and I was lucky enough to meet him. He was pretty friendly, a little shy, and encouraging when I mentioned I wanted to start my own comic blog. I finally did it, Oatmeal! And when I looked at his source code to figure out some things about how his site was built, I found a Motherfucking Pterodactyl.
  • Hyperbole and a Half
    I was also lucky enough to meet Allie Brosh at her book signing in town this winter, and it didn’t matter that she also lives in my town, I was super excited because I hadn’t met her before and I had been enjoying her work for years. She signed everyone’s book and also drew everyone a picture while chatting a bit, which I thought was really cool.
  • Scott Rowley’s Blog
    Scott is a friend I met at work. He truly lives out the Work Hard Play Hard approach to life, and is a good resource for positive thought. I’ve been enjoying reading his blog and letting positivity guide more of my life recently.
  • Amazon.com
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  1. Thanks and New Suggestion for your “Fave Links” Page

    Hi there,

    First off, I wanted to say thank you for putting together the “Fave Links” page on your site (http://www.scotchontherockets.com/links/). There are some really useful links/resources on there.

    I also wanted to share the “Ultimate Guide to Comedy Resources” (http://www.wiseoldsayings.com/comedy-guide/) with you in case you hadn’t seen it. I thought it might be a good addition to your page – let me know what you think.

    In any event, hope I’m not bothering you. Have a great day!


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